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May 2004

WhatPulse 1.3

After a while, WhatPulse 1.3 is now public, this new version exists around a make-over of the geek window mostly, along with security.

The geek window has had a complete make-over, including transparency (only Windows 2000/XP) and adjustable colors. There's a configuration menu especially for the geek window, where the workings of the colors are explained.

The entire WhatPulse program can now adjust to your Windows theme aswell.

Last, but not least, WhatPulse 1.3 now features with an extra option called 'Key frequencies'. This feature counts how often a single key gets pressed, and makes a list of these. (This list can be exported to a HTML page aswell!).

Note that this feature is only locally, and none of this info gets sent to the server, and is disabled by default.