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July 2016

WhatPulse 2.7.1 - Fixes, Fixes & Fixes


A new version of the WhatPulse client has been released on the update pipes, after doing quite a bit of plumbing on it. This latest version (2.7.1) is called: Fixes, Fixes & Fixes. It's not just fixes though, here's a quick overview.

New Updater on Windows
The updater on Windows could sometimes flake out and not download or update the client properly. With this new updater in place, we're solving those problems.

Apple macOS Sierra (10.12) Support
The new macOS (previously known as OS X) Sierra is still in beta, but we've already made sure the client supports it.

Now for the bulk of the changes. Don't worry, we won't list all, but there are a few that take notice:

  • Pulsing: Fix situations where the client could pulse every minute.
  • Make the "I" button clickable again for the window with all the facts.
  • Fix premium expiration date presentation.
  • Never allow negative application uptime (when a computers clock changes).

To check out all the changes, have a look at the release notes here. To update, you can use the Check for Updates ┬Łbutton in your Settings tab, or you can get it here.