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April 2016

Premium prices lowered!

Good news: We're lowering the cost of our Premium Services by 25%!

The main goal of the Premium Services has always been to support and sustain the project. We're happy to announce that with the current amount of subscribers, we're lowering the subscription cost from 2,00 to 1,50 per month.

PayPal Subscribers
Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow us to change the rate automatically. To get the new rate, you need to unsubscribe and subscribe again.

If you've subscribed via Stripe; you don't have to do anything. We've adjusted the rate on our end and the next time it charges, the new rate will apply.

Take a Test Drive

To celebrate this update, we created a discount code that will get you 2 months on the house. Use this code: PREMIUMPARTY0416.

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