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March 2016

Introducing the WhatPulse Logitech Gaming Keyboard Widget

With the release of WhatPulse 2.7, we introduced a new feature called the Client API. Through this feature, you can request real-time statistics and use those statistics for your own applications. We're pretty excited about this and the possibilities that it brings. To demonstrate this and also just to give you something awesome, we've been working on something pretty cool!

Logitech Gaming Keyboard Widget
Logitech has a range of pretty nice keyboards, some with LCD screens. These screens can be used to display information and are mostly used to show things like computer performance, gaming information (kills, time remaining, etc) or a simple clock.

Using the Client API, we have put together a widget for these keyboards that display your WhatPulse statistics. Instead of explaining the what, when, how and why, we thought we'd just show you:

Logitech G19Logitech G510

How cool is that?! This widget is now available for Windows and can be downloaded on our Downloads page.

Open Source
To show how easy the Client API is to use, we've completely open sourced this widget. You can find the entire project on our GitHub page, including everything you need to build it. Feel free to use the code of this widget and create your own cool thing that uses the Client API. As long as you drop us a line. ;-)