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February 2016

WhatPulse 2.7 - Network History & Protocols, Client API and High Resolutions


We're excited to announce the availability of the WhatPulse client version 2.7! As you may have come to expect, this release has a treasure trove of new features and improvements on the great features the client already has. Let's dive in!

Windows High Resolutions
This feature has to be the most requested feature over the last few months or so. The client did not scale very well on high resolution monitors, making the statistics a bit hard to read. Happy to say that has been fixed with this release!

Network Traffic Types (Protocols) & History
To complement the networking statistics, we have added the ability to look at the different network types that your computer is using. Ever wonder what kind of network traffic you're sending or receiving? Use the Network Traffic Types to find out.

Also, it is now possible to view historical network traffic statistics for network interfaces and applications, next to the real-time stats that were already there.

Client API
This feature is the one we're most excited about. To open up the client to any developers that want to get real-time statistics from the client, we've created the Client API. The Client API is a RESTful API where you can use HTTP requests to get stats from the client and even execute a remote pulse! To learn more about the Client API, visit our newly opened Developer Center.

Other Cool Stuff
There are a lot more awesome changes in 2.7, for instance: the client uses about 50% less disk work (I/O); there's a new auto pulse option (on startup); with the growing amount of different statistics, the "Reset" button now asks which type you want to reset. Look for gold in the release notes!

To check out all the changes, have a look at the release notes here. To update, you can use the Check for Updates ┬Łbutton in your Settings tab, or you can get it here.