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December 2015

New Beta: WhatPulse 2.7b1 (high DPI, types network traffic)


Just in time for 2015 (although, depends on where you are), we're very excited to present the first beta of the new WhatPulse version 2.7. There are 2 major features and a few minor.

High DPI on Windows
Computers with very high resolutions/DPI are becoming the standard, but the client did not present itself properly on Windows. To fix this, we've had to dynamically resize everything inside the client (buttons, views, lists, etc, etc), which is one of the reason why proper Windows high resolution support took longer than the other operating systems.

Check it out and be critical of every interface element. :-)

Types of Network Traffic
The client can measure your network traffic, which is currently used for per interface, application and country traffic for a while. But what about the types of traffic? How much does a certain network port use, or how much traffic do you use for your back-up service?

The descriptions of the types of traffic are dynamic and can change over time. If you want to help fill the database, tell us!

With the new page on the networking tab, you can see exactly how much traffic a network service is using. This is the first draft of that page, stay tuned for more updates of this page in the upcoming beta versions!

Misc Stuff
Besides these great new features, we've also done a lot of work on the local database connection. To keep it simple, we've done some database magic and cut the hard disk usage of the client in half!

Other changes are; a auto pulse option to pulse on every client start and new Advanced setting buttons to manually update your network GeoIP database and the new Network Port Descriptions database (this is for the types of traffic).

Downloads (or use the updater):

Changes: http://whatpulse.org/releasenotes/2.7b1/

Join us on the forums if you have any reports, comments or other ideas. Thanks!