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December 2015

Retiring the Dynamic Images

The Dynamic Images is a service we started providing after popular demand by our users after another similar service pulled the plug. Over the last years the popularity has gone down, mostly due to the transformation in the collaboration space, as other ways (then forums) came about.

With the declining popularity and the upkeep needed for the Dynamic Images, we have decided to retire the service.

This does not mean we'll take the images offline right away, but it does mean we are not updating the service to include new functionality, or update it to support newer browsers. It currently works fine with most, but there are a few scenarios where the editor does not work. This will continue to not work.

The images will be generated until April 1st, 2016 (no joke). After that they will stop updating and the rest of the service will be disabled.

We're currently working on a new major feature, which will more than replace the Dynamic Images feature..stay tuned! :-)