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May 2015

WhatPulse 2.6 - Per-Application Heat-map, Key Combinations and more!

Since the release of WhatPulse 2.5, we've been taking a lot of cues from the community (you guys are awesome) for the next version and we're proud to announce the availability of WhatPulse 2.6! We've done our best to create some awesome features based on requests that you have made.

Per-Application & NumPad in the Keyboard Heat-map
Since WhatPulse 2.0, the client has had an awesome heat-map feature which could tell you how much you've used certain keys at a single glance. This picture was a global picture though, accounting for usage across all applications. From now on, premium users are able to generate a keyboard heat-map on a per application basis. Analyse whether your key mappings are efficient, or just fun to look at!

The case of the missing NumPad has been solved! It has been returned to the keyboard heat-map, so you can track your NumPad usage.

Key Combinations
How often do you use ctrl+s to save something? How often do you use ctrl+alt+delete because your computer has gone crazy? Or better yet, how often do you use self made combinations to do something on your computer? How efficient are you with key combinations? If any of those questions have crossed your mind, you can now answer them with WhatPulse 2.6!

'Today' Stats in Geek Window
Ever wondered how much you've typed today and didn't want to bother with opening the client, browse to the input tab and check? Good news! You can now add 'today' stats labels to the Geek Window to show the amount of keys, clicks, download and upload you've done so far today. Helpful if you have set a daily goal.

New Communication Methods to Website
This may sound boring to most of you, but this will make sure the communication (pulses) between your client and our website is reliable and secure before actually pulsing. This means that pulses are always consistent and that your data is only sent to our website, nowhere else. Enough with the boring stuff and move on, it's just that this is a major improvement and we're proud of it! ;-)

and Much more!
Here's a small highlight reel to show our favourites: the real-time network graph has now the option to show the last 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. You can include beta versions in the updater. The input history chart now includes options for the last 12 and 24 hours. and Much More!

To check out all the changes, have a look at the release notes below. To update, you can use the Check for Updates ┬Łbutton in your Settings tab, or you can get it here.