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December 2003

WhatPulse 1.2

It is 2004 in CET time, so we decided to kick 2004 off with a good start!
WhatPulse 1.2 is released, and being a beauty at that! Along with a bunch
of new features, there have been alot of bugfixes, including the token
system (I know alot of people are annoyed by the one in 1.1 ;)).

Click counting:
WhatPulse now counts mouse clicks aswell!

Tray icon:
You can specify 3 colors for the tray icon; black, green and blue.

Geek dialog:
The geek dialog now contains KeysSinceLastPulse, ClicksSinceLastPulse,
TotalKeyCount, TotalMouseClicks and your Rank. The totals and the rank
are refreshed every pulse, to keep it updated even if you are using
multiple computers.

Pulse log:
Pulse activity is now logged to a file (Pulses.log) in the WhatPulse
directory, and can be opened via the tray menu aswell.

Online stats:
The option in the tray menu called 'Online stats' will take you to
your online statistics profile on the website.

Besides the above listed features, there are alot of small bugfixes,
which you'll just have to figure out for yourself! They are noticable,
but not really worth mentionable. (For example the background in the
hyperlinks in the dialogs).

Further more, the 1.0 and 1.1 server-side scripts will be disabled in
exactly 2 weeks, there will be a news post about this, so be sure to
upgrade to 1.2 within 2 weeks!