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December 2014

WhatPulse 2.5, Computer Specifications and an Updated Privacy Policy

A lot of news to share this time! We've just released version 2.5 of the WhatPulse client and made some awesome changes to the website.

WhatPulse 2.5
There have been a lot of requests from users to be able to differentiate between your mouse buttons. Basically to see how dominant a mouse button is. We listened and integrated a 'Mouse Button Heat-map' into version 2.5! Of course that is not all, there are some other neat changes, like the ability to ignore network interface and a white W menu icon for the Mac OS X users with the black theme. Check out the release notes for the rest:

To update, you can use the Check for Updates button in your Settings tab, or you can get it here.

Computer Specifications
Computers have always been around in your user profile, but with this update they have gotten their own spotlight. Starting today, each computer has it's own page, displaying its statistics and specifications. This is an awesome way to zoom in on your stats on a per computer basis.

The specifications are currently limited to what the client detects, but we're open to suggestions for additions in the future!

One thing to note is that this page is under control of your own privacy settings and has been turned off by default. You can turn this feature on for your computers in your Privacy Settings.

Teams in the Weekly Updates
The Weekly Updates have been a big hit (81% of you love them) and the most requested addition was weekly team updates. This has been in beta for a few weeks now, but as of today it is fully integrated.

Other Stuff
Only the most exciting features have been highlighted, but there are a few other gems in todays update, such as a new registration page and follower management. Check the full release notes for all of them here!