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June 2014

Making Profile Edits a Breeze

For a long time, editing your profile, displaying your public statistics has been a dreadful experience. With all the available statistic variables and formatting codes, it was not easy to set up a cool looking profile.

Introducing a new Profile Editor
Starting now, you have the possibility to edit your profile directly from your profile page, using an editor on steroids. You can easily insert personal statistics, display images, easily format text and even play around with the HTML (for advanced users).

You can find it directly on your profile page, under your avatar. Have a go!

Help Center Redesign
The Help Center as also been redesigned to put focus on the content and remove any distracting functions. If you're looking for anything related to our software or website features, finding it in the Help Center will be a breeze.

Other Changes
We've also pushed a number of other changes to the website, such as sub-team descriptions. Click here for a full list!