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June 2013

Referral rewards and more updates

The website has been updated with new stuff! We'd like to tell you about the major changes.

New referral system
We've had a referral system in place for quite some time now, but except for the referral-ranking list, it didn't really do anything for you. This just changed!

The referral system has just been updated to reward you with free premium services when a new account is activated that used your personal referral link. To read more, or start inviting your friends, click here.

Period Graph
Ever wanted to compare your statistics, grouped by day, week, month or even by year? We've added a new graph inside the premium section, which does just that!

It's called the "Period Graph" and allows you to view your stats grouped into certain periods. Click here to check it out!

Pulses in Web API
The Web API allows developers to take data from WhatPulse and use that for their own applications. You could already retrieve data about users and (sub-)teams and now you can also get information about the latest pulses of a user or entire team. For more info, click here.

Sub-teams update
Sub-teams have been a part of the website for a little over two weeks and we've gotten some great feedback. One of the most things we got is that there was no easy overview of a sub-team and it's members. Well, there is now!

Sub-teams have gotten their own page where you can easily see the members and sort them by input, bandwidth or uptime.