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May 2013

Sub-teams and on your own time!

The website has just gotten a major update with the most requested features by you guys. This update features two major new features and a few other little nuggets.

Ever since people could form teams to compete against other groups, we have gotten the requests for the ability to divide a teams up in sub-teams to further improve their competing capabilities.

You can now (team founders and managers only) create sub-teams inside your team and start competing within your team!

On your own time
The pulse times have always been displayed in the local time of where WhatPulse is located (in the Netherlands). But due to diversity of our users, that is simply not practical anymore.

From now on, the time displayed will be in your own personal time. You can also choose the time zone you want to use by using the link on the bottom of each page.

Other Nuggets

  • Allow users to reset their own stats
  • Make the computer chart on the profiles metric selectable
  • Add sub-teams to Web API
  • Add easy "Join Team" button to team profile page
  • Don't require users to part their current team before joining a new one
  • Normalize dates and times across the site
  • Add "My Stats" & "My Team" buttons to help center and forums header
  • Fix user team rank bug; it always displayed the last ranking in the team
  • Fix menu highlights in forums and help center