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February 2013

Maintenance Release - 2.0.4

We're happy to announce that a new version of the WhatPulse client is now available for download. This is another maintenance release for 2.0, creating more stability and adding some much requested features.

All users are encouraged to update to WhatPulse 2.0.4, available on our download page! (pulse before you install)

Here is a full list of the changes:

  • [Enhancement] Add an option to disable automated pulse notifications
  • [Enhancement] Blink tray icon on keyboard or mouse option (plus an option to disable that)
  • [Enhancement] Launch Geek Window on startup when it was open upon closing the client
  • [Enhancement] Update statistics every second when Geek Window is open
  • [Enhancement] Don't show tray notifications when a full screen application is running
  • [Enhancement] Add the ability to auto detect the system proxy server
  • [Enhancement] Add total account overview (totals + ranks) to account tab
  • [Enhancement] Only use database file every 5 minutes, cache everything else. This brings disk I/O usage to a near standstill.
  • [Enhancement] Make scheduled backups of databases and fall back on backups if main database file gets corrupted

  • [Fix] Improve accuracy of measuring both uptime and bandwidth
  • [Fix] Count bandwidth from and to a proxy server in unpulsed stats (was excluded in previous clients)
  • [Fix] Show more accurate network usage on interface overview
  • [Fix] Don't check for updates or internet IP when "Work Offline" is enabled
  • [Fix] The 'Year' option in the keyboard + mouse heat map was not the last 12 months, but the current year
  • [Fix] Extra precautions for double pulsing

  • [Windows - Enhancement] Don't show a icon in the taskbar for the Geek Window
  • [Windows - Enhancement] Improve input (keys/clicks) hooks for full screen or heavy load applications (games)
  • [Windows - Enhancement] Count unknown (media) keys.
  • [Windows - Fix] The client crashed when certain applications were running

  • [OSX - Enhancement] Replace the black menu icon with a more fitting one.
  • [OSX - Enhancement] Optimize detection of network interfaces (2500% quicker)
  • [OSX - Enhancement] Optimize detection of running processes (120% quicker)
  • [OSX - Fix] Detect when computer goes into sleep mode and release lock on bpf device(s). This will make sure OSX won't need to create extra bpf devices, which in turn will make the client ask you for your password to reset permissions on these new files.

  • [Linux - Enhancement] Multiple CPU optimizations for better performance
  • [Linux - Enhancement] Optimize application bandwidth measuring (less CPU)
  • [Linux - Fix] Some network interfaces were not detected if certain system files did not exist

If you're wondering where 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 went, they were released on the forums. ;-)