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Hello there. My name is Mireille. It's French, and that's roughly pronounced "mee-ray". I'm 32 years old and I don't have a life. :p

I first registered on Whatpulse in 2005. However, due to complicated reasons, I had to create a new account on March 17th 2009. I leave behind me over 60 million key strokes and over 25 million clicks - top 200 rank on both keys and clicks, at the time.

For some reason, I enjoy tracking down my own rankings at the very beginning of a new month. So I do this, see below. I have set my Whatpulse configuration to pulse every 50,000 keys at some point.

Username : Mireille
Country : Canada
Joined on : March 17th 2009
Team : None

Key Count : 134,237,196
Average Keys Per Second : 0.44
Mouse Clicks Count : 29,150,259
Average Clicks Per Second : 0.1
Total Uptime : 7y19w3d9h18m47s
Total Pulse Count : 3,481


Mar. 17th 2009 : Account created.
April 2009 : 69.941st in keys, 80.104th in clicks, 34.800th in miles.
July 2009 : 20.319th in keys, 26.820th in clicks, 19.324th in miles.
Oct. 2009 : 8874th in keys, 12.247th in clicks, 15.432nd in miles.
Jan. 2010 : 5428th in keys, 7826th in clicks, 12.297th in miles.
Apr. 2010 : 4202nd in keys, 6887th in clicks, 10.050th in miles.
July 2010 : 3098th in keys, 5004th in clicks, 7404th in miles.
Oct. 2010 : 2400th in keys, 3813rd in clicks, 5832nd in miles.
Jan. 2011 : 1828th in keys, 3240th in clicks, 4892nd in miles.
Apr. 2011 : 1490th in keys, 2790th in clicks, 4226th in miles.
July 2011 : 1209th in keys, 2395th in clicks, 3819th in miles.
Oct. 2011 : 879th in keys, 2160th in clicks, 3389th in miles.
Jan. 2012 : 693rd in keys, 1948th in clicks, 3090th in miles.
Apr. 2012 : 580th in keys, 1836th in clicks, 2946th in miles.
July 2012 : 405th in keys, 1451st in clicks, 2764th in miles.
Oct. 2012 : 333rd in keys, 1246th in clicks, 2471st in miles.

(On late december 2012, the new Whatpulse 2.0 came out. Distance was removed, but total uptime, as well as upload/download (bandwidth), was added. Unfortunately, it appears that the bandwidth feature isn't being detected for me, due to still using Windows XP.)

Jan. 2013 : 282nd in keys, 1152nd in clicks.
Apr. 2013 : 260th in keys, 1103rd in clicks.
Aug. 2013 : 214th in keys, 1020th in clicks.

Dec. 2013 : 178th in keys, 983rd in clicks.

Sep. 2014 : 139th in keys, 997th in clicks..

Nov. 2014 : 129th in keys, 991st in clicks.

Feb. 2015 : 120th in keys, 1008th in clicks.

June 2015 : 111th in keys, 1003rd in clicks.

Sep. 2015 : 106th in keys, 1004th in clicks.

Dec. 2015 : 97th in keys, 996th in clicks.

Feb. 2016 : 93rd in keys, 979th in clicks.

April 2016 : 79th in keys, 980th in clicks.

July 2016 : 68th in keys, 978th in clicks, 837th in uptime. 

(Woot, I have now installed Windows 10 and bandwidth tracking works at last. I also decided to keep track of uptime now that I have a laptop on top of my PC.)

Nov. 2016 : 65th in keys, 948th in clicks, 695th in uptime, 15378th in download, 31047th in upload.

Feb. 2017 : 65th in keys, 925th in clicks, 614th in uptime, 7910th in download, 22997th in upload.

June 2017 : 63rd in keys, 925th in clicks, 514th in uptime, 4228th in download, 13743rd in upload.

Dec. 2017: 56th in keys, 873rd in clicks, 420th in uptime, 2233rd in download, 11178th in upload.