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My accountname: Jimmi33
The date I joined: 2009-06-10
My country: Denmark
The name of the team I\'m in: TeamLiquid
The ID of the team I\'m in: 11983
The keys of my last pulse: 50,000
The clicks of my last pulse: 57,400
The time and date of my last pulse: 2018-06-18 20:46
My total keys: 65,574,089
My total clicks: 78,454,031
My total miles: deprecated
My rank: 538th
My average keys per second: 0.23
My average clicks per second: 0.28
My average keys per minute: 13.81
My average clicks per minute: 16.52
My average keys per hour: 828.63
My average clicks per hour: 991.38
Total ammount of pulses: 744
Average keys per pulse: 88,137
Average clicks per pulse: 105,449
My rank in your team: 11th
The rank of My country: 12th
How long ago I joined: 9y1w5d7h55m57s
Amount of people I referred to WhatPulse: 6