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whatpulse is about stats so here are all my stats

keys stats

total keys: 34,628,801

keys rank: 2350th

average keys per second: 0.34

average keys per minute: 20.51

average keys per hour: 1230.47

last week's keys: 11,190,900

last week's rank change (keys): -2237

clicks stats

total clicks: 18,870,682

clicks rank: 1978th

average clicks per second: 0.19

average clicks per minute: 11.18

average clicks per hour: 670.54

last week's clicks: 9,629,026

last week's rank change (clicks): -5239

download/upload stats

download stats

total download: 3.03TB

download rank: 8829th

last week's download: 80.09GB

last week's rank change (download): -215

upload stats

total upload: 512.20GB

upload rank: 9246th

last week's upload: 31.99GB

last week's rank change (upload): -435

uptime stats

uptime: 1y51w4d19h19m26s

uptime (long): 1 year, 51 weeks, 4 days, 19 hours, 19 minutes, 26 seconds

uptime rank: 5133rd

last week's uptime: 1w6d4h22m35s

last week's rank change (uptime): -133

pulse stats

total pulses: 21,642

last pulse: 2018-07-20 14:00

amount of pulses in the last week: 168

clicks (last pulse): 9,306

keys (last pulse): 19

download (last pulse): 90.00MB

upload (last pulse): 3.00MB

uptime (last pulse): 1h

team stats

team: Minecraft

team's date of creation: 2009-06-27 00:00

team's amount of members: 107

my rank in my team: 6th

team's keys: 1,067,004,234

team's keys rank: 26th

team's clicks: 499,359,895

team's clicks rank: 26th

team's download: 221.28TB

team's download rank: 27th

team's upload: 131.82TB

team's upload rank: 36th

team's uptime: 104y27w4d3h42m24s

team's uptime (long): 104 years, 27 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours, 42 minutes, 24 seconds

team's uptime rank: 18th

country stats

country's name: Singapore

people from my country: 814

country's keys: 2,657,236,230

country's keys rank: 28th

country's clicks: 1,100,867,055

country's clicks rank: 33rd

country's download: 497.16TB

country's download rank: 30th

country's upload: 283.83TB

country's upload rank: 30th

country's uptime: 185y9w3d23h42m45s

country's uptime (long): 185 years, 9 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes, 45 seconds

country's uptime rank: 31st

other stats

my account name: HibernateMC

my date joined: 2015-05-05

how long ago i joined: 3 years, 11 weeks, 14 hours, 43 minutes, 29 seconds

my referrals: 41

my last referral (date): 

the amount of computers i have: 4

you made it to the end woo

below are detailed stats per computer and per pulse and also some heatmap stuff